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2021 Dec: giftED21 (Texas Association for the Gifted & Talented) Annual Conference: “Differentiation Squared: Strategies for Struggling Gifted Students.” (Co-presenter)

2021 Oct: 26th Illinois Association for Gifted Children (IAGC) Conference: “Fostering 2e Student Success Through a Brain-Targeted Teaching Framework.”  (Presenter)

2021 August: PG Retreat: “Dual Differentiation Workshop.” (Co-presenter)

2021 July-August: World Council for Gifted and Talented Children (WCGTC) Biennial World Conference: “Mission (Im)Possible: Parenting Twice-Exceptional Children Holistically through an Ecological Framework.” (Presenter)

2021 July: Pre-conference APA certified workshop SENG Annual Conference: “From Guidance to Action: Helping GT Families Organize to Change Policies in Public Schools and Meet Gifted Needs.” (Co-presenter)

2021 July: 16th International Conference: Interdisciplinary Social Sciences. (Oxford, UK). “Multi-systems Perspective on Understanding Twice-exceptionality.” (Presenter)

2021 July: SENG Annual Conference: ” #SMPGfamchat .” (Co-host)

2021 June: Gifted Education Family Network Interview with Dr. Nicole Tetreault. (Host)

2021 June: Bridges Graduate School Of Cognitive Diversity in Education: “Learning, Development, Multi-systems: Relations with Twice-exceptionality.” (Keynote)

2021 June: Gifted Homeschoolers Forum (GHF) Conference: “Lunch Table Talk – Curriculum & Resources.” (Panelist)

2021 May: Conversations with the Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented (CAGT) Series: “Collaborative Nurturance of Gifted Outliers Through Strong Educator-Parent-Practitioner Relationships.” (Co-presenter)

2021 May: International Conference on Advanced Research in Education Teaching Learning (Paris, France): “Understanding Twice-exceptionality (2e): A Multi-systems Perspective.” (Presenter)

2021 May: Denver Mensa 2021 Speaker Series: “Masterpieces in progress: understanding twice-exceptionality through Visuals and Metaphors.” (Virtual Interactive Workshop)

2021 April: The New Minds Podcast: More than an Acronym: A Journey through 2E with Dr. Lin Lim.

2021 April: TPPG Annual Texas A&M Physics Festival Gathering: Transitions of the Gifted Journey. (Co-presenter)

2021 March: MTO Shahmaghsoudi Global Roundtable Discussion of Women. (Panelist)

2021 February: Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG) SENGinar: “Mission IMPossible: Transform 2e and Neuroscience Knowledge into Action.” (Presenter – Webinar). Recording.

2021 January: SENG SMPG Global online 2e family outreach. (Facilitator)

2020 December: Gifted Education Family Network: Dr Collin’s “What does Giftedness Look like?” (Co-host)

2020 July: Bright and Quirky. “Essential School Strategies for Twice Exceptional Students.” (Panelist)

2020 July: C&!.”Weathering the Storm: Uniting for Gifted Education in Uncertain Times.” ( GEFN Presenter/Facilitator)

2020 June: 2e Conference, Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity “2e Parents, Get Used to a Moving Target!” (Interactive Workshop Presenter)

2020 April: Texas Parents of the Profoundly Gifted. “Weathering the Storm: Uniting for Gifted Education in Uncertain Times.” (GEFN Presenter)

2020 February: GT Parent Conference, Baylor Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development. “Protect and Improve your District’s GT Program: How Parents Can Get Started.” (Panelist)

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“A SENG parent group dedicated to twice exceptional!  I was able to relax into the experience with parents who understood and resources that mattered. A space to support, share, and learn.  Skillful facilitation included a discussion summary each week. Convenient digital format allowed connecting with parents in other locations that was enriching.”

Michelle, Global 2e SMPG participant (Texas, USA)

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