Using Picture Books to Help Little Ones Learn About Themselves

Published November 2023


“We wrote this book as a resource for parents with young children who may notice differences in their child’s development or behavior that vary from what might be expected. Through our combined 50-plus years of experience as educators, scholars, and parents of neurodivergent children, we realized the importance of parents having early conversations about strengths and differences to build skills for healthy mental growth in our young children. Rather than ask busy parents to do one more thing,  we believe that shared reading time with your child is a place where you can address difficult or uncomfortable topics. We have selected over forty excellent picture books to help you.” 

About our Author

Gayle Bentley, M.M.Ed.

Gayle Bentley M. M.Ed. is a doctoral student at Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education and the mother of three amazing sons. She has taught instrumental music in public schools for 23 years and now serves as the Gifted/2e Academic Director at 2e4ME Academy in Newport Beach, California. She is also the founder of The Bentley Center. She presents regularly at state and national conventions about giftedness and twice-exceptionality. Visit her website at 

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