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Journey through the river of life ~ Lifelong Learner: Neuroscience informed, strength-based parenting, education, & human development that celebrates our neurodiversity.

Lin Lim, Ph.D. had a colorful educational journey – completing primary and secondary schooling in Singapore, followed by a Bachelors in Economics, with a Minor in Environmental Studies at Boston College. Her interests in psychology and human development sparked in college and led to the completion of a direct doctoral program in human development at Boston University, with a focus on cultural contexts, attitudes, beliefs and family violence.

Parenting her radically accelerated profoundly gifted daughter, and profoundly gifted twice-exceptional Autistic son led to her motivation and drive to increase knowledge in these areas. Dr. Lim started substitute teaching at her local K-12 public school district. In addition, she completed a Graduate Academic Certificate in Twice Exceptional Education from Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education.  She also holds a Graduate Academic Certificate from Johns Hopkins University Graduate School of Education for Mind, Brain, and Teaching. She is currently the Associate Dean of Communications at Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education, where she wears multiple hats including academic and doctoral advisory, student community, faculty professional development, media and public relations.  

Dr. Lim and her family’s various educational challenges through public, private, and homeschooling paths ignited her passion for helping other families understand, and navigate through parenting twice-exceptional and/or profoundly gifted children.

Dr. Lim is committed stay involved and volunteer in non-profit and education related groups, advocating for neuroscience informed, strength-based perspectives toward parenting and educational practices. She has special interests in areas around cultural contexts, twice exceptionality, profoundly gifted, embodied cognition, talent development and equity. 

Dr. Lim shares her knowledge and ideas through international and national conference presentations in various fields ranging from education, social science, gifted organizations, psychology and parent groups. She is an academic book proposal reviewer for twice-exceptionality at Springer Academic Publications, in addition to being a conference proposal reviewer for Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG) and American Educational Research Association. She has written articles, blogs, and given interviews for the 2enews, SENG, The New Minds Podcast, and Gifted Education Family Network. Dr. Lim is a founding member of the Texas based non-profit, Gifted Education Family Network (GEFN), which focus on gifted families and support gifted education in public schools. She currently serves as the Treasurer for GEFN and also serves on the National Board of Directors for SENG as the Chair of the SMPG Committee, in addition to serving on the board of

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