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A SENG Model Parent Group (SMPG) involves 2-3 co-facilitators, together with 10-20 participants, families of gifted and talented children focus on weekly topics such as communication, motivation, discipline, stress management, and  relationships. Although, co-facilitators are knowledgeable about parenting and educating gifted children, they do not attempt to give expert advice but provide a non‐judgmental, safe and nurturing environment for participants to share and exchange information. The required book, A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Children is not included. The book can be purchased online through sellers such as Amazon or through your local public library.


Dr. Lim and her facilitators offers 6-week online (great way to meet parents across the US and overseas) and 6-8 week in-person (CA and TX) SMPG sessions. She provides additional resources geared toward specific contexts faced by 2e, minority and/or HG/PG families.

Why us?

Dr. Lim and her facilitators provide focused additional resources and detailed session notes within a day or two after each session. Her personal interests and experiences with cultural and specific subgroups of gifted families aid in honing her abilities to guide weekly discussions for further self discovery, reflection and personal growth for participants. In addition, her focus on encouraging both primary care takers to participate, rotate attendance or just listen in, helps facilitate better understanding, empathy and provides a safe space for couples experiencing parenting conflicts to model from other parents and hear their partner’s concerns.

Spring Virtual Global 2e SENG SMPG

Interested to meet 2e families from across different time zones? Additional 2e focused resources are provided each week. With a global group, some parents call in with their mobile to participate. All session notes will be provided at the end so you can be on the go if necessary, and still participate. Parents are welcome to join up till the second session (weekly summary notes will be provided).

Next series: 2-time options

5:15 – 6:30 PM Pacific Standard Time (Facilitated by Rashmii Mahendra, Lin Lim)

10:00 – 11:15 AM Pacific Standard Time (Facilitated by Lin Lim, Cherin Escher)

(please verify your local time)

Wednesdays, January 19 – Feb 23rd, 2022

Your Facilitator Team: Lin Lim Ph.D., Cherin Escher, M.A., Rashmii Mahendra, MBA.

$95 for 2 primary caregivers. All proceeds will benefit Quark Collaboration Institute, a non-profit organization focused on equity in education, parenting, and development through honoring neuro-socio-economic-cultural dignity.

*No family will be turned away due to financial reasons. We request that you adjust payment to what works for your family. Please email us.

*Registration fee is final and only confirmed after payment is received.

SMPG Jan 2022

Global SENG SMPG 2e group Feb 2021



Have your own or interested in a focused community? Looking for facilitators to help guide your group? Please email to explore options.

Free Outreach SENG SMPG

As a SENG board of directors member and SMPG Co-chair, I am committed to expanding access to SMPG parent groups via outreach activities. Please send an email.

Participant Testimonials

“A SENG parent group dedicated to twice exceptionality!  I was able to relax into the experience with parents who understood and resources that mattered. A space to support, share, and learn.  Skillful facilitation included a discussion summary each week. Convenient digital format allowed connecting with parents in other locations that was enriching.”

— Michelle, Global 2e SMPG participant (Texas, USA)

“Grateful that a friend invited my husband and I to join the SENG parent group. As parents new to 2e and just navigating mainstream primary school for our child, I found all the information and support exchanged in my group to be very useful. Everyone seemed so experienced and welcoming, it makes this journey less lonely for my family finding fellow parents who understand what we are going through right now.”

– Sandra, Global 2e SMPG participant (Singapore)

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