Quark Collaboration Institute Genesis

“Magic happens when mind, body, and brain align”

Our name comes from “Quark” as used in physics named by physicist Murray Gell-Mann to describe sub-atomic particles – pronounced as “KWORK”. We feel that “Quark” paired with “Collaboration” & ” Institute” synthesizes our mission and vision within a phrase. The smallest particles when combined with others can create massive structures with properties that may not resemble constituent parts, enhances the wonder and beauty of all.

Drawn through Space & Time

It began through chance connections made as we found common grounds wondering and/or struggling with what it means to be human, its relationships with dignity, well-being, and lifespan development through our own multi-cultural parenting journeys across states and countries..

Sparks Igniting through service

Fall 2020, during the midst of COVID-19, we got together to begin facilitating parent support groups for complex outliers. We came to realize the need for an integrative cohesive perspective to build common relational vocabulary across human development stakeholders, which led to the creation of Quark Collaboration Institute.

Enrich ALL

We invite you to engage with us across disciplines, developmental lifespans, cultures, and beliefs. Our goal is for ALL to consider living, policies, and actions through the lens of neuro-socio-economic-cultural dignity.

©Copyright 1999 Lin Lim   

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