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Over 750 GRABBIES! have been hand sewn and donated to schools or non-profit organizations. Thank you to the volunteers involved in making this happen. Be safe and stay well.

Last April (2020), at the peak of COVID, my husband asked if I could create some hand covers he could use when opening and closing doors at his office. Something easy to put on, accessible, sanitary, reusable, and convenient to keep with him at all times. As I developed various designs, I enjoyed the creative process and thought this could be a wonderful way for children to foster good hygiene habits too. As my design kept evolving, a thought kept coming back to me. This might help ease anxiety in children! During this chaotic time, children who may be feeling uneasy could gain a sense of control. Giving our children ways to feel more in control of their environment, in a non-threatening way, could help ease their anxieties and empower them through COVID challenges.

This was the genesis and evolution of GRABBIES!”

As many of you know, a few volunteers from the Highland Park High School Science and Technology Festival have been making and purchasing face shields to donate to HCP in need. GRABBIES! is another way I hope to make a long term impact especially when I envision the many possibilities of pairing this product with my passion for art, creativity, whole child education, and the planet.

Watch the evolution of GRABBIES! below …



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Hand protectors you can easily slip in and out of in an instant – be kind to the environment, be gentle on your hands, and ditch the germs.  


The 3 C’s

Comfort, Clean, and Control.


Anytime, Anywhere!

Life changing occurrences such as COVID-19 and Global Warming have forced many of us to re-evaluate our lives.  We have to think outside the box and create solutions to help people and our planet.  Every little bit helps and we can have fun while doing it in style.

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