SENG SMPG Facilitator: Cherin Escher, MA

Without inspiration, nothing moves…. We need to set out with a childlike conviction that anything we can imagine, we can manifest.”

Bruce Mau, MC24: Bruce Mau’s 24 principles for designing Massive Change in your life and work.

Born in Germany and growing up in a multicultural environment Cherin holds an MA in Philosophie, Literature, and Psychology from the University in Braunschweig.

Cherin is living by principles of innovative learning and education that honor creativity & cognitive diversity with a focus on a strength-based & holistic development of the critical mind.

Her five daughters all attend(ed) public schools in CFBISD in Texas, where she had the opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge about advanced programs and gifted education. In collaboration with GT teachers, school administrators, and parents, Cherin has made a positive impact in her community in the past twenty years and helped recently maintain, support, and improve GT programs & education in CFBISD.

Cherin became interested in the mission of SENG and a trained facilitator of parent support groups over a decade ago, and obtained her online SENG facilitator certification in 2021 to dive deeper into the SENG parenting model groups on a more international level, with a focus on 2E families.

Cherin is an advocate for students who learn differently & who demonstrate exceptional performance on one or multiple levels. She aims to help promote a more holistic, cross-cultural understanding of development & learning. Her passion is a deeper comprehension of the human condition and working collectively – with professionals, researchers, educators, and parents – towards a whole perception, appreciating & supporting diverse learners. Her life goal is to help promote methods that embrace not only cultural & socio-economic circumstances but acknowledge & develop individual opportunities that allow every learner to thrive.

Cherin served as President of the Carrollton Farmers Branch Association for the Gifted and talented  CFBISD’s AGT  for five years and was Chair for the TAGT (Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented), Parent Division in 2018/19. She is a Texas PTA Life Member, and a passionate SENG facilitator since 2010.

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