Strengths of Diverse Teams

Businesses already enjoy concrete benefits from having diverse teams (Dixon-Fyle et al., 2020). This relationship has trended up over the 3 research periods conducted by McKinsey between 2014 to 2019. McKinsey’s latest report investigating diversity impacts with 1000 large businesses across 15 countries found that companies in the top quartile of diverse workforce were 36% more likely to have above-average profitability compared with businesses in the lowest quartile.

It is therefore with great joy, gratitude, and comfort to bear witness and play my part in bringing collaborations between non-profits and sponsors of the gifted as my focus during my Board President Term at SENG. Diverse teams working together make us stronger and create added value. I am proud to announce SENG’s latest collaboration with the National Association of Gifted Children. Supporting and building our gifted community requires us to support all gifted individuals.

Dixon-Flye, S., Dolan, K., Hunt, D., &. Prince, S. (2020). Diversity wins: How inclusion matters. McKinsey & Company.

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