Turning Fear into Understanding

In support of our partner SENGifted.org and May Mental Health Awareness Month, this is an accompanying blog written by our Quark Collaboration WKYFT Podcast host Cherin Escher.

Our guest in this episode is Sara Bradford. She is host of her own podcast The SJ Childs Show, CEO of the SJ Childs LLC, an autism consulting business that supports people on the spectrum, and hosts her own podcast The SJ Childs Show. Sara is a member of the Autism Council of Utah, and a global autism speaker, she is an advocate, and family coach, and owner of the FB Autism Advocates Support Group.

As a proud mother of three, Sara has also published many children books to foster compassion and understanding within her community and beyond, her newest Wiley The Worried Worm, A Book About Anxiety).

She is a passionate activist & educator and offers various events & training opportunities on neurodiverse sensory learning at her many retreats and conferences. Her mission is to bring value and knowledge with lots of laughs and understanding to families, educators, and employers! And foster Acceptance for those who feel they do not belong. Here is an upcoming event below:

Her many projects provide valuable tools and insight into the complexity of autism and include local university ​& police training, corporate ​autism training, and programs for administrators & teachers.

Our brief conversation with Sara shines a light on a unique woman and her important work in the neurodiverse community. Sara is helping in leading the way for a better understanding of people who not only think differently but are part of positively shaping and constantly enriching our world.

By sharing her own life & experiences Sara leads the way for a better future for us all!

“…it isn’t just about me; it is about us as a community.  Help educate and support the humans around us and help bring love & inclusion to all.


Sara’s son DJ at 4 yrs old, filling out his map of the US

Sara’s son DJ at 4 years old reading the Tao Te Ching

Find Sara on social media and her many active platforms below:

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