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In this Quark Collaboration Human Range interview, Dr. Chris Wells, the president of the Dabrowski Center talks with Lin about her journey & discovery of herself, parenting, peers, relationships, and connection with Dabrowski.

This is the first of a 3-part blog post. We will highlight this interview as it relates to the following themes: Neurodiversity Celebration Week (March), Mental Health Awareness (May), and Resilience & Wellbeing (September). There is a lot to unpack in this Human Range Interview.

Topics related to Neurodiversity Celebration Week:

“Am I Masking? Am I being my authentic self …?

“experience life intensely”

“self-created, self-directed personality”

“experience life in multiple tracks at the same time”

“have a vision of who you want to be”

“whole person versus measurable parts”

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