Voices “Human Range: My Life, My Journey” – Guest Autum Romano

Body Wisdom & the Polyvagal Theory: How Nervous System Regulation Fosters Transformative Whole Health.

It has been our honor to talk with Autum Romano, educator, author, bodyworker, and committed health practitioner out of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Autum is a committed massage specialist with a focus on the nervous system & functioning as a foundation for promoting healing & better health for her clients.

Her unique methods & body-friendly techniques are geared toward all ages supporting growth and helping individuals to find calm, safety, and overall wellbeing back in their lives.

Some of our favorite quotes from this interview:

“I believe that nervous system health starts with understanding.
When we understand how our nervous system works, we can then understand why regulation is so powerful.”

“The capacity to acknowledge our bodily feelings and to respect our need to connect are the critical resources that enable us to shift from negative feelings to safety, trust, and love.”

“Our ticket back to feeling safe, happy, and curious is always inside a hug, a smile, or the hand of a loved one.”

Dive deeper & learn more: @www.autumromano.com, instagram.com/autumromano

Guest Blogger: Cherin Escher.

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