The Acute Case for Chronic Health: Vital Lessons to Weather Duress. Dr. David Katz

Center for BrainHealth presentation, February 9, 2021.

Takeaways in no particular order.

Social Determinants of health is important.

Most devastating health impact is the feeling of powerless.

Total Minimization Framework: Minimize total harm through vertical interdiction, predicated on hierarchical responsibility (what can you do for your country and what can your country do for you), allows for shared risk mitigation and invites teachable moment for health enhancement. COVID teaches us about our poor cardiovascular (poor diet) health, and is a case study for learned helplessness at a massive scale.

Empower people via risk stratify population, risk match policy guidelines, risk reduction with lifestyle as medicine, and test, mask, distance, sanitize, shelter, vaccinate as warranted.

Cited 500,000 premature death a year in U.S due to poor diet (2019). Obesity increases COVID risks.

Best defense against chronic disease and unforeseen health threat such as COVID is good health. Total health – feet, forks, fingers, engine and love. what is good for you will be good for your brain also.

Will power PLUS skill power. Just gaining knowledge is not enough.

Lifestyle is the best medicine, culture is the spoon. Diet is a vital sign.

No brain is an island, it is essentially connected to both the body and body politic (social). Brain health is holistic.

Healthy brains bedrock: understand to overcome, lifestyle of medicine, mental excerise and social interactions.

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