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Baum, S. M., Schader, R. M., & Owen, S. V. (2017).To be gifted & learning disabled: Strength-based strategies for helping twice-exceptional students with LD, ADHD, ASD, and more. Prufrock.
Armstrong, T. (2011).The power of neurodiversity: Unleashing the advantages of your differently wired brain. First Da Capo Press.
Lerner, M. D., & Girard, R. M. (2018).Appreciating and promoting social creativity in youth with asperger’s syndrome. (S. Kaufman, Ed.). Twice Exceptional: Supporting and educating bright and creative students with learning difficulties. [Kindle DX version]. Retrieved from
Mitchell, K. (2018).Innate: How the wiring of our brains shape who we are. Princeton University Press.

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