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Academic ArticlesBeilock, S. & Willingham, D. (2014). Math anxiety: Can teachers help students reduce it? ask the cognitive scientist. American Educator, 38(2), 28.

Lauer, J. E., Esposito, A. G., & Bauer, P. J. (2018). Domain-specific anxiety relates to children’s math and spatial performance. Developmental Psychology, 54(11), 2126-2138. doi:10.1037/dev0000605

Namkung, J. M., Peng, P., & Lin, X. (2019). The relation between mathematics anxiety and mathematics performance among school-aged students: A meta-analysis.
InterviewsA Neuroscientist on Love and Learning Davidson, R. (2019).
Taare Zameem Par (Like Stars on Earth) – Movie (2006)

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